Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Busy but Blessed

     It's time for an update. Life is busy-classes, internship, part-time job (emphasis on the part-time but none the less added responsibility).  If there is anything that I've realized it's that in the midst of the busyness (particularly when dealing with grief) I need to make time for friends & family-even if it means I don't get all my reading done, and don't make the honor roll-ok so there is no Seminary honor roll but you wouldn't know it by the way people act!    
    In September we (Jonny & I) were blessed to be able to spend quality time with my Mother & Father-in-law. Now that they are both retired they have time to travel, so travel they do. They love trains so each year they pick a city that can be accessed by train and then ride the rails to that city.  Before going, they search for online deals and find an apartment, condo, rental etc...with a full kitchen (to cook rather than waste money eating out) that is available for a few weeks in the center of a city.  They choose spots with good walking access to activities, near public transportation, and then immerse themselves in the local culture.  

    This year they chose the historic city of brotherly love, 
Philadelphia, just under an hour drive from us! So for a month we were blessed to see them every weekend.  And yes, they are reading this, but I'm not just saying that, it really is a blessing to have them around and something we really enjoy!  So here's a look at one weekend we spent with them...

Walking down to eat at City Tavern 

and enjoying the world famous Turkey Pot Pie...a meal that apparently my Mother-in-law found some pretty amazing coupons for!  

We spent most evenings with them just watching the sun set over the downtown Philadelphia skyline from their high-rise building on the edge of the Delaware River. 

My favorite photo from the night, 
a sailboat under the Ben Franklin Bridge...

We watched this blimp, headed for the Phillies game, for a while...

Dave was certainly full of surprises that night...

So here's the best part, while we were hanging out on the terrace admiring the sunset I noticed Jonny and his parents standing against the wall looking off into the distance and mentioned that they looked like they were posing for a band poster/album cover.  It became one of those, "I'm the photographer so I'll shout out a hypothetical situation & you react" moments. The following series of photos resulted. We think the album will drop sometime this Spring.

So in summary...we're busy, but blessed!